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Iran condemns Boston terror blasts

Tehran, April 16, IRNA – Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast on Tuesday denounced terror blasts at Boston marathon pitch, sympathizing with families who lost their loved ones.

Talking to IRNA Tuesday, he added that all the governments are expected to help provide peace and security for all the peoples.

Emphasizing that the extremist and terror acts should uprooted across the world, Mehmanparast noted that such acts should be prevented irrespective of wherever they occur.

Unfortunately, some governments may feel that supporting terrorists will at certain times would benefit them, but the evil phenomenon of terrorism will harm all and all should rise to counter it, he said.

Recalling the measures taken by the US government to check use of weapons which threaten the lives of the Americans, he said that the roots of the issues should be identified and tackled.

Mehmanparast contended that allowing the terrorist groups to act and delisting them under the pretext of freedom will certainly bring about insecurity.

Boston marathon stadium blasts left three dead and over 100 wounded.


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